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Family Support Services.

Love Help Care is dedicated to offering a diverse range of budget-friendly and tailor-made housing solutions for various special needs groups.

The demographics we cater to encompass, but are not confined to, individuals and couples of all ages, both males and females, those with disabilities, veterans, seniors, as well as those seeking sober living, transitional housing, re-entry support, low-income accommodations, and other distinctive requirements.

Community Living Support

Community living supports offers both one-on-one and group in home assistance with activities of daily living. Community access is designed to help individuals integrate into the community by helping them develop the skills they need.

Financial and Life Planning Assistance

Financial and life planning offers strategies, tips, and resources regarding effective budgeting planning, understanding of trusts, and understanding of the process of planning for the future.

 Resources Connection Services

Community support and resources provides individualized resource assistance and information (i.e., referrals to community services for food, housing, clothing, furniture, childcare, schools, summer camp programs, holiday programs, prescriptions, etc.). 

Behavioral Consultation and Support

Behavioral consultation and support services provide supports to people needing behavioral, social or emotional development. 

Social Community Integration Activities

Recreation/social community integration activities include going to the movies, ten pin bowling, barbecues and park visits, visiting local tourist attractions, out of town holidays, fishing, games, cooking, craft, pub outings and access to live music, dancing and drama.  

Parent/Family Training

Parent/Family training provide guidance and resources for parents and families of individuals with disabilities.

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