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Transportation Services

Experience the freedom to travel anywhere with Love Help Care's Transportation services.


Whether it's appointments, grocery shopping, or leisure activities, we're here to ensure everyone can enjoy life on their own terms.

Doctors Appointments

Love Help Care Transportation Services offers scheduled rides to doctor appointments and round trips. Coordinate your appointments with our dispatch team and we'll arrange for a driver to pick you up from home.

Activities & Fun

Recreation/social community integration activities include going to the movies, ten pin bowling, barbecues and park visits, visiting local tourist attractions, out of town holidays, fishing, games, cooking, craft, pub outings and access to live music, dancing and drama.  

Grocery Shopping

Love Help Care Transportation Services provides assistance to clients by helping them with grocery shopping and other household or hygiene needs. We offer transportation to various retail locations or any requested destination. Ensuring that each client can travel to and from their destinations is our top priority.

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